Pink Fire Pointer Calming background music may reduce bullying

Calming background music may reduce bullying

We’re going to take you way back to the days of playing hopscotch on the school playgrounds. Imagine that while you were hooting and tooting around the playground, calming The Spirit of Yoga music played in the background… would it change anything?

Researchsuggests that it does! Researchers did exactly this, playing the music on speakers during a school’s midday break. They found that on days when the music was played, there was an 80 per cent drop in physical and mental intimidation among pupils, and the kids felt calmer and happier when they returned to their classrooms. When the music stopped, bullying increased again.

The researchers said that larger studies needed to be carried out to confirm the result and warned that popular chart music may not be so successful.

Interesting stuff right? Who knows, maybe music has the power to stop playground bullying! Read more here