Pink Fire Pointer Is the new iTunes Radio any good for music fans?

Is the new iTunes Radio any good for music fans?

Earlier this week at its WWDC event, Apple confirmed the launch of its long-anticipated free music streaming service iTunes Radio. This is a streaming radio with a wide selection of music, building and brining together the listener’s favourite stations that become more and more personalised to your taste.

It sure sounds good and Apple even calls this ‘radio re-imagined’ but the question is whether it’s any good for us music fans. There are some cool benefits in using iTunes Radio, especially if you’re already using iTunes, as it will be integrated into the iPhone’s music app, where it scans users’ libraries and plays tracks based on what they already listen to, opening a world of new music to users. iTunes Radio will also be available to all users on their mobile phone, unlike Spotifywhere the mobile app is only available to  paying subscribers.

This sounds pretty cool, but it seems the core function is to discover music, so users out there who already know their stuff and know what they want to listen to, the process can seem a bit long-winded. We’d like to try it out ourselves and find out, but have to wait as it rolls out in the US first this autumn. We’re counting the days…

Read more on this here and let us know what you make of iTunes Radio.