Pink Fire Pointer MINDTUNES: Mind over matter... Literally!

MINDTUNES: Mind over matter... Literally!

Legendary DJ Fresh has recently entered into uncharted territory in a collaboration with 3 disabled musicians, and created something that can only be described as groundbreaking...

The musicians Andy, Mark and Jo until now have been unable to create music due to their disabilities. The new technology allows them to send commands via high tech computers using their brainwaves to create music. This has opened up copious opportunities for musicians that have previously been limited to what they can achieve.  The video below displays the process from beginning to end, and shows just how much potential this technology has.

‘I had always been interested in this kind of technology. So for this project to have found it’s way to me out of everybody, made it seem like it was meant to be.’ 
–DJ Fresh

DJ Fresh has teamed up with Andy Mark and Jo and has created what can only be described as a ground breaking track. The emotional process that the team went though has yielded a rare snippet of technological advancement that has already been tried and tested on the UK club scene, and with great success.
‘It’s looking at what people can do, not at what they can’t do.’
–Julie Tugwell (Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for Disabled People)

The plan now is to raise as much money as possible for the ‘Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for Disabled People’ charity. All the proceeds from the track sales will help thousands of disabled people attain their full potential. The aptly named ‘Mindtunes (feat. DJ Fresh)’ is available to buy on ITunes now.