Pink Fire Pointer Brands dance to electronic music

Brands dance to electronic music

Electronic music is everywhere these days. Brands too have embraced electronic music, as they want to infuse their products with its associated energy and the genre of music can be found anywhere from fashion and technology to automotive. Music can overcome cultural and language barriers and electronic music in particular has a way of drawing in the hard-to-reach millennial generation, the generation that resonates the bursting energy of the genre.

DJ Avicii recently worked with Ralph Lauren to promote its Denim & Supply youth label to which a remix of the Avicii track Silhouettes can be heard, which released as an exclusive track. Check it out:

Sonos, as part of its mission to reinvent home audio, worked with mouse-headed artist Deadmau5 for an ad that gave a sneak peek inside musician’s home. Deadmau5 was also present at the Sonos Studio SXSW 2013, opening the Sonos Playground.

Sounds like electronic music is taking over the world... or brands!