Pink Fire Pointer Cameron backs British music

Cameron backs British music

Great news for British music, as record label trade body the BPI last night issued new stats whilst celebrating its 40th anniversary. News emerged that Cameron backs British music, as he responded to the stats with: 
"We should be extremely proud of how our world-leading music industry continues to go from strength to strength, with a record share of the global market and with British acts having the world's top selling album for five of the last six years. British music is enjoyed across the world and we will keep backing our creative industries that support jobs, create opportunities and contribute to the economy".

The new BPI data confirms that British music accounts for over 13% of artist albums sold in the US last year, and nearly 52% of album sales in the UK. British acts have also scored the biggest selling artist albums globally six years out of the last seven (Adele in both 2011 and 2012) and One Direction have broken various chart records Stateside.

The stats are of course great, but as the UK record industry's rights body PPL reckons, more needs to be done to protect the copyright industries. Chairman of PPL spoke at an annual meeting of the rights body telling the organisation's members that the government needs to up its game in regard to copyright issues, as it will cause the most immense damage to the British economy.