Pink Fire Pointer Music & our moods

Music & our moods

As you may have noticed, we at Imagesound love music! It undoubtedly has a powerful influence on us all, as music can make you happy and comfort you when you’re down. It can be either upbeat cheery tunes or soothing and mellow sad songs making us happy. There is researchshowing that people can cheer themselves up by playing upbeat music, but at the same time other studies find that sad songs can be soothing and healing. Quite obvious maybe, but at least we've got evidence to back it all up!

Here’s some of our favourite mood music:

We love this feel-good song by Paulo Nutini.

This classic sad song by Billie Holiday was banned from being broadcast by the BBC in 1941 as being detrimental to wartime morale and was not lifted until 2002!