Pink Fire Pointer John Newman - Love me again

John Newman - Love me again

John Newman is one of British music’s top talents, at only 23 he has already featured in 2 of Rudimental’s number 1 hits ‘Feel the Love’ & ‘Not Giving in’.

So far his journey has taken him along a path of personal ups and downs. The first time John heard his number 1 hit on the radio he was in hospital recovering from the removal of a brain tumour, ‘That’s my tune!’ he proudly informed the nurse facilitating his recovery. ‘That was really quite surreal!’ he commented when later questioned about this bittersweet point in his life.

His prowess in the field of Soul music has lead to tours with the likes of ‘The Mental’ and ‘Plan B’, and is currently wowing the crowds at Rudimental’s sell out UK tour. The next step for John will be a solo single release titled ‘Love me again’ and to perform at The Lexington London in his first headline show.

The release date for John's latest single 'Love me again' is expected on the 1st July, and will soon be available for pre-order.