Pink Fire Pointer The Women's Institute hits the high street!

The Women's Institute hits the high street!

At the annual conference of the Women’s Institute (WI) last month, an overwhelming 87% of members voted in favour of this year’s resolution: to work to spice up the high street. The argument is that the high street is often a community hub and provides much more than merely a place to shop. We can’t help but to agree!

One of the first steps of the campaign has been to fill up a shop window on Parliament Street in Isle of Man with a Women’s Institute display showing the location of every WI in the island’s 700-member federation and events scheduled over the summer and autumn. The idea behind this is to create outstanding window displays in shops as one way of spicing up the high street. 

We think another key facet that makes the high street is music. Music creates the atmosphere – and as we bloggedearlier – we think it makes sense for shops that have music so prevalent in advertising should also have it in store to create a welcoming atmosphere. Music is what brings a store to life! Nevertheless, we’re interested to see how this initiative to spice up the high streets pans out.