Pink Fire Pointer The 'Legends of the Summer', Jay-Z & JT bring Wireless to a blistering close

The 'Legends of the Summer', Jay-Z & JT bring Wireless to a blistering close

Ever since that fateful day in January of this year, when a certain Mr Justin Timberlake announced his long-awaited return to music - and the subsequent single/album/US tour news that has been released - one feels that this was the moment we had all been waiting for.

Never mind the single (dropping a major hint at what was to come by featuring some rap artist called Jay-Z). Never mind the album. Never mind the US tour. Since Justin's post-BRITs show at the HMV Forum in Kentish Town (reclaiming the title of 'Best Live Act of All Time' in the process), we've all been waiting with baited breath for Wireless Festival. Timberlake's announcement that he would be headlining the show, alongside Jay-Z...and that the two of them would be onstage together for the final night was just too exciting for some to bear.

And by God, did they give the crowd a show.

Over a two-and-a-quarter hour set, the Legends of the Summer tour was officially kicked off with the duo playing just over forty songs to a capacity crowd; not bad, considering both of the boys had played the previous two nights for about that long on their own. Bookending a divided middle act where one artist played a selection of their own material with two collaborative sections - and even a special guest appearance from one Bajan singer called Rihanna - ensured that the festival was brought to a fitting close.

Before performing at all at Wireless, Justin released a new single, 'Take Back The Night', a new track from his second album of the year, the questionably titled The 20/20 Experience: 2 of 2. He played this track twice over the weekend - both on his own headlining day and on Sunday. As for Jay-Z, his most recent solo release Magna Carta... Holy Grail shot straight to number one, Jay-Z's first in the UK.