Pink Fire Pointer CAPITAL CITIES - Safe and sound

CAPITAL CITIES - Safe and sound

Capital Cities are back with an exciting new video for their track ‘Safe and Sound’.

The track was originally released in 2011, but with a brand spanking new (and may I say very entertaining) video, we thought it would only be right to blog it. The newly restored Los Angeles theatre was used as the backdrop for the video, which champions the last 100 years of dance in a dance-off format. If you haven’t seen this uplifting synth disco track yet, I suggest you click on the video below!

The original video to ‘Safe and sound’ shows footage of war and dance, equally as impressive but has a very different spin to the new version. Slick moves, great bubbly track with a petite injection of comedy brings this gem to the front of the Imagesound blog queue! Big high five from us!

 3 of Capital Cities’ albums are available for download on ITunes here